Dan the Biggest Dump Truck


Book Description

Dan is the biggest dump truck in the whole wide world. He can fit one hundred elephants in his tipper, and his horn is louder than thunder! Dan wants more than anything to be helpful and work on a construction site, but he’s far too big to help build houses, and he’s even too big to build a bridge. Come ride with Dan in search of new friends and his perfect job.

About Adams, Chris

Chris Adams is CEO of the Australia-based online video streaming company, Spondo. A pioneer of new media, Adams has worked at Amazon, Facebook, and Comcast, and helped create the Academy Award–winning production company Participant Media. He lives in Brisbane, Australia.
James Donahower has been drawing since he was old enough to realize that crayons taste bad. Although music and acting ultimately pirated control of his career, he never stopped making pictures, so when an old friend from middle school turned up in 2014 looking for an illustrator, James was ready, and Dan the Biggest Dump Truck was born. jamesdonahower.com