Best Hikes Anchorage

The Greatest Views, Wildlife, and Forest Strolls

Book Description

Best Hikes Anchorage focuses on day hikes for visitors, people new to the Anchorage area, and families wanting to hike together. In addition to its excellent color photos portraying Anchorage, the surrounding area, and the pristine character of Chugach State Park, it includes fascinating information about Alaska’s natural history and critical information about Chugach State Park, including park rules, best times to hike, and tips for hiking in bear country. Readers will find information about the streams and water in the park, as well as local climate and information about places to see and things to do while in the Anchorage area.

About Tyson, John

John Tyson is a freelance photographer and writer whose work has appeared in numerous national magazines, calendars, and books. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina.