Three Years Among the Comanches

The Narrative of Nelson Lee, Texas Ranger

Book Description

In this reprint of a classic Indian Captivity Narrative from the 19th century, Nelson Lee recounts his adventures and his narrow escape from the Comanches in tales nearly too tall to be true. From South America to Texas, he finds adventure everywhere. Lee emerges from one hairy situation only to ride into another daring adventure with the coolness of a Hollywood hero. For three years he is held captive among the Comanches. Tortured by his captors, this Texas Ranger survives to tell others about what he observes and learns about the Comanche tribe, and publishes one of the best descriptions of the life of the Texas Rangers.

About Lee, Nelson

Nelson Lee was a nearly illiterate Texas Ranger who was captured by the Comanches and held captive for three years in the late 1800s. His story was wildly popular when it first appeared in print and he became a folk hero of the Old West.