New York's Remarkable Women

Daughters, Wives, Sisters, and Mothers Who Shaped History

Book Description

How did New York become the amazing state that it is today you may wonder? New York's Remarkable Women: Daughters, Wives, Sisters, and Mothers Who Shaped History recognizes the women who shaped the Empire State. The lives of female teachers, writers, entrepreneurs, and artists from across the state are illuminated through short biographies.

Discover fourteen extraordinary women from New York's past, including suffragist Amelia Bloomer, abolitionist Harriet Tubman, attorney and US Representative Bella Abzug, and WASP pilot Betty Gillies.

About Petrash, Antonia

Antonia Petrash was born and raised in New York State and enjoys a deep and abiding interest in its history, especially the history of its extraordinary women. In addition to her writing, she works as a librarian and an archivist and manages a small local history collection. She lives in Glen Cove, New York.