The Room

The Definitive Guide

Book Description

Oh Hai! The Room: The Definitive Guide is the ultimate key to the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the 21st century, Tommy Wiseau's The Room. Arguably the worst film of all time and certainly one of the most beguiling, the masterpiece of so-bad-it's-good filmmaking has grown since its release in 2003 to become one of the most popular theatrical releases of all time, with an extremely loyal and vocal fan base.

Within the book, readers will find everything required to step into The Room for the first time and understand the traditions, characters, and (lack of) logic at play within the ultimate cult film. Favorite customers of the film will also find a dozen red roses as the book takes a look back at the history of the phenomenon, features extensive and in-depth analysis of the film, includes extensive interviews with the cast and crew, and, of course, studies the film's enigmatic and visionary auteur, Tommy Wiseau.

This is the first available book guide to The Room. And an added bonus is the graphic design from cult film artist Mute, which will give the book an eye-catching and distinctive look.

So get your tuxedo on, grab your football, have your spoons at the ready, and prepare to shout, “You're tearing me apart, Lisa!” for the first or thousandth time, as we enter The Room.

About Finnigan, Ryan

Ryan Finnigan (Sheffield, England) is a writer on film specializing in cult films. He is the editor of âSICã Blog ('), 'a website covering independent, alternative and cult titles., Mute (Sheffield, England) is an illustrator who creates art informed by popular culture and cult icons, working both digitally and in acrylic paint. In addition to producing custom pieces and curating the annual art exhibition for the Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival, he spends his time lost in the archives of cult poster art and trash cinema.