American Neo-Noir

The Movie Never Ends

Book Description

After scores of books and commentaries on film noir and its classic period, experts Alain Silver and James Ursini turn their full attention to neo-noir, the self-conscious, mannered, sometimes ersatz, and often surprising genre that sprang from the original movement. This volume surveys the full breath of American neo-noir, its style and substance, its evolution over succeeding generations of filmmakers, from activist through postmodern to millennial and on, with extensive illustrations in black-and-white and full-color that capture the genre's dramatic and visual essence.

About Silver, Alain

Alain Silver (Santa Monica, CA) is the author of The Samurai Film and The Noir Style. With James Ursini he coedited Film Noir: The Encyclopedia and seven readers on film noir and the horror and gangster genres. His produced screenplays include the Showtime feature Time at the Top.

James Ursini (Santa Monica, CA) cowrote The Zombie Film, The Vampire Film, and Film Noir Graphics with Alain Silver. His other books include Femme Fatale, Cinema of Obsession, and Directors on the Edge. Together Silver and Ursini have done audio-video commentaries for over two dozen noir DVD releases.