Monsters of New Jersey

Mysterious Creatures in the Garden State

Book Description

  • Stories of the best known of the Garden State's cryptid population
  • From the bustling cities and Down the Shore to the creepy Pine Barrens
  • Research from the world's leading cryptozoologist
  • Extensive section on the state's most infamous creature, the Jersey Devil
  • Also includes Big Red Eye of the Great Swamp in Somerset County, Hoboken Monkey-Man, Lake Hopatcong Monster, Cape May Sea Serpent, the Wooo-wooo, and the Lizardman of Great Meadows

  • About Coleman, Loren

    Loren Coleman lives in Portland, Maine, and is the world's leading cryptozoologist. He began investigating cryptids in 1960 and has written more than 30 books on the subject, including the bestseller Mysterious America. Coleman established the International Cryptozoology Museum in 2003 and is frequently consulted for his expertise by Animal Planet, CNN, Discovery, History, and Travel.