New York City Farmer & Feast

Harvesting Local Bounty

Book Description

Following in the footsteps of Connecticut Farmer & Feast, this second book in the series is a cordial invitation to meet fifty passionate farmers and producers who generate food from the bustling urban landscapes of New York City. NYC Farmer & Feast is a welcoming expose into the lives of NYC food producers and the delicacies they produce within the hidden enclaves of this extensive metropolis.

Sumptuous full-color photos and elegantly written profiles throughout showcase lives rich in both food and history from all 5 New York City boroughs and Orange, Putnam, Westchester, and Putnam Counties directly to the north.  This book brings locally produced food directly home to your kitchen with individually created recipes featuring each producer’s specialty food.

NYC Farmer & Feast reconnects urban agglomerates, whether they reside within the hallowed network of the NYC mass transit system, to the bounty of locally produced food, and serves as a memento and travel guide of urban agritourism for visitors as well. Above all, it is a guide, a reference, and an edible manifesto for anyone who wants to put a face to their food and partake in the urban farming revolution.

About Brooks, Emily

Emily Brooks is one of the principal authorities of the local food and sustainable agriculture movements. Founder of Edibles Advocate Alliance ( and BRIDGES Healthy Cooking School, Chef Emily nurtures social entrepreneurs who support local agriculture, sustainable farming, food sovereignty, and sustainable food systems. She is the author of Connecticut Farmer & Feast.