Cursed in New England

Stories Of Damned Yankees

Book Description

New Englanders are always cursing. But a colorful profanity uttered by some stero-typically taciturn old Yankee is usually more humorous than menacing. Yet, true maledictions (the opposite of benedictions) have frequently been spoken on New England soil, curses intended to invoke evil, injury, or total destruction against other people.
Stories about preternatural revenge are numerous in Yankee lore, with each New England state providing its favorites. Some are well known, at least regionally. Others are nearly forgotten. Within these pages, storyteller Joseph A. Citro vividly brings these tales to life, letting us decide if these tales of woe were bad luck or ... something else. All are cursed!

About Citro, Joseph A.

Novelist and public radio commentator JOSEPH A. CITRO has done a lot to keep Vermont's history and folklore alive in popular culture. His books include five novels of suspense, three volumes of historical oddities, a collection of regional humor, and a travel guide. Mr. Citro's best-selling Green Mountain Ghosts, Ghouls And Unsolved Mysteries (Houghton Mifflin, 1994) is the most comprehensive compilation of offbeat Vermontiana ever assembled (now in its 10th printing). It was supplemented by Passing Strange (1996), Green Mountains, Dark Tales (1999) and The Vermont Ghost Guide (2000). His novels -- three of which have been optioned for motion pictures -- present a dark and mystical side of the Vermont experience. They include Shadow Child, Guardian Angels, The Gore, Lake Monsters and Deus-X. Joseph Citro's Vermont Public Radio commentary series is heard regularly in five states and Canada . A native of Chester, Vermont, he has taught in local colleges, lectured widely, and appeared on regional and national radio and television. Two videos based on his Vermont oddities is currently in the works.